Echte Liebe — your 360° digital agency based in Cologne

When we think of the words “digital agency in Cologne”, we see our philosophy—rigorous visibility and absolute customer-centricity. This is the basis for developing strategies, concepts, and operational campaigns. We work hand in hand with our customers on perfectly fitting marketing activities that quickly yield tangible success.

Collaboration—as close as possible, as free as necessary

Siamac Alexander Rahnavard and Mark Elsner founded their digital agency based in Cologne, with further offices in Berlin, Wiesbaden, and Miami (USA), with the intent of unlocking the potential of contemporary data-driven marketing and letting advertising customers participate in it—on a strategic and operational level. This means that you have to be interested in your customer, their objectives, but also in their pain points. You need to involve the customer, interconnect with them on a technical and personal level. Only then can you follow strategic goals together and flexibly adjust to developments and changes. There is no room for meaningless phrases or a lack of visibility.

Digital handicraft and 360° service

With our team of more than 40 staff, we are breaking open entrenched structures and stand up for cross-departmental communication to be able to design holistic concepts as a digital agency founded in Cologne. Like clockwork, the individual departments intertwine to find conclusive approaches for and with each other, tailored to the individual customer. Most of all existing marketing activities is developed in-house, following the concept of the marketing funnel. It starts with

  • branding marketing activities and
  • targeted lead generation,
  • continues with lead nurturing, and goes
  • all the way to conversion and beyond,
  • accompanied by continuous strategic advice.

Whether you are planning a partial campaign or comprehensive, cross-connected, strategic marketing projects is of secondary importance, because custom solutions can be devised and implemented regardless of the size of our customers’ companies. As a digital agency based in Cologne, with offices in Berlin, Wiesbaden, and Miami, US, we can develop nationally and internationally functioning digital marketing with customized strategies.


By every trick and tool of the book

Digital marketing activities are very fast-paced and entertaining. What you called state of the art yesterday is ancient history today. With the cumulative expertise of our wider team we are capable of proactively crafting developments. We use comprehensive data collection and analytics as a starting point, so no key figures remain hidden—we are truly committed to data-driven marketing!

The resulting information base, analyses and outcomes are not kept behind closed doors. Fully in line with our claim to rigorous visibility, customers of our digital agency based in Cologne receive comprehensive insights and accurate information about the work we have accomplished. The vision behind it is one of ultimate interlinking. This is the only way to get the wheels to fluidly engage and to implement sensible activities.

Holistic and visible: Echte Liebe, your digital agency based in Cologne

Success doesn’t just happen, but has reasons, measurable key figures, a sensibly structured basis. Using the collected information base, we not only validate what is possible but also carefully examine what is already there and assess it in terms of practicability and usability. This unites the right mix of old and new in a customized strategy to achieve realistic0 success in the future. We proactively avoid inflated expectations, raised by misinformation and unsuitable set-ups, to progress pragmatically and attain long-term success.

Apart from you and your company, your end customers are also supported along their entire digital customer journey. This ensures that we deliver performance that fully lives up to its holistic nature. In the sheer mass of possible advertising channels, we, as a full-service digital agency based in Cologne, are your contact who always keeps a cool head and a complete overview.

Cologne: Openness, charm, and digital marketing

Media city Cologne is the ideal home for a digital agency—open, relaxed, with an eye to the future. Since 2015, this city on the bank of the river Rhine, has been the home of Echte Liebe, that has since opened offices in Wiesbaden, Berlin, and Miami. Just like the cities, we always have an open ear for new approaches and fresh ideas to achieve optimum performance for you and your company. See the Services section to have a look at our entire portfolio.