Data-driven marketing —
our integral services

Effective online marketing activities need meticulous and informed planning, versatile implementation in all the channels, and a content strategy that focuses on the end customer. We combine all the necessary competencies under one roof. Our data-driven marketing offers a comprehensive and long-term strategy, based on your individual needs in terms of values, products, and, above all, audiences.

  • Strategy

    Most companies already have some type of marketing strategy. The problem is, however, that it is often based on assumptions rather than real information. The first step in data-driven marketing therefore is to perform an informed audit, where the actual situation is meticulously and methodically analyzed.

    • Are there data sources not yet tapped into?
    • Can existing mindsets be tweaked?
    • What do we know about the audience?
    • What is the competition up to?
    • Which activities would be a dead end?
    • Can we tread new paths?

    As part of our data-driven marketing strategies, we start by establishing a multi-perspective visibility of the previous activities and effects and correlate them with the desired state. With the insights gained, we draw up the blueprints for bridging “what is” and “what we want.”

  • Digital Advertising

    We use an omni-channel approach with customized marketing messages to reach your target audience. The expertise for all the key services is combined under our roof. All common DSPs are covered in-house—independent, free, and without additional contracts. This way, we can use the ideal tech stack for that customer when we meet the target groups in a holistic way that is customized through our data-driven marketing.

    Whether video, special formats, dynamic creatives, or straightforward banners—we can implement a customized address. In the process, Google’s extensive toolset plays a key role, which is why our expertise has a special focus on it.

  • Programmatic Advertising

    We can look back on many years of expertise in programmatic advertising. Early on we recognized the potential in data-driven, automated media buying and made data our focus. Where classic channels have their limits, programmatic advertising is able to unlock many more aspects and boost service values—for example as part of comprehensive awareness activities or targeted performance campaigns.

    For this part of data-driven marketing, we employ numerous technologies to fully handle the entire media potential and customers-specific targeting needs. It enables us to nationally and internationally deliver optimum results at all times while remaining visible—we want our customer to know what we know.

  • Inbound Marketing

    You always need to focus on the potential end customer. They are the hub of modern, contemporary marketing activities. Therefore, we follow the end customer on their journey and precisely guide them through lead nurturing, content, and customer relationship management.

    During lead nurturing, potential customers are provided with the right information on their customer journey, which evolves the business relationship quality. Furthermore, we help the end customer to transition from one stage of the marketing funnel to the next.

    The customer is always king, and their complete satisfaction along the entire conversion path is the key to a successful, effective campaign. What we don’t want is to overwhelm them with content and get on their nerves. Precise inbound methods create positive stimuli—always based on data-driven methods—without stumbling blocks.

  • Content

    As soon as we have defined the path we’ll start implementing it. This requires high-quality and, above all, optimally aligned and coordinated content. Hand in hand with your company, we will devise a precise content strategy to create the desired engagement with the created content.

  • Programmatic Creativity

    Programmatic Creativity is the optimal adaptation of an advertising medium to the customer, through the evaluation of data in real time. This approach is also called Dynamic Creative Optimization. We make different designs of an ad available to a Programmatic Creative platform, whereby an ad is played out in many variations in parallel in a specific context. We can see the performance of the variations and thus which combination could achieve the best results with the end customers. This allows us to improve the quality of the ads on the fly.

  • SEA - Search Engine Advertisement

    We are specialists in SEA; all the associated processes are fully performed in-house. Keyword analyses, ad design, and enhanced analysis of the landing page are only a few examples of our extensive SEA expertise covering all the common search engines. During the user journey from conversion to conversion, our data-driven digital marketing will precisely position the signals and beacons to ultimately convert users into customers.

  • Data-Management

    Integrated data-driven marketing puts an end to assumptions and estimates. Managing data means making facts visible. Informed analyses enable a multi-perspective view of your audience, users, and their interactions, interests, and movements, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

    • What has defined the individual users?
    • Where do their specific interests lie?
    • Can existing ways of thinking be corrected?
    • How do the individual users behave?
    • What do they think and feel?

    We map realities to enable reaching end customers in a precise and targeted manner while minimizing divergence losses. This results in far more efficient marketing activities—while strictly complying with all the legal data protection regulations.

  • Social Media

    There is no way around social media marketing activities. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok, to name but a few, offer an amazing wealth of possibilities to engage with your end user. Thanks to these platforms’ massive significance, we have created a dedicated subsidiary: ElSocial looks after everything to do with social media and expands data-driven marketing to all the relevant social media channels in an extremely coordinated and specialized way.