Programmatic advertising and other concepts: Digital marketing at Echte Liebe—FAQs

Marketing is Echte Liebe’s expertise and core business. Programmatic advertising and/or programmatic marketing has revolutionized digital advertising because now the user with their profile—and not their environment—has priority in the decision for an ad booking. Our extensive FAQs will answer all your frequently asked questions on programmatic advertising here in Germany, our holistic concept, and various other topics.

Echte Liebe started out with programmatic advertising, and data have always been at its center of attention. So, it’s not surprising that this approach had a formative influence on the company’s further development. Marketing primarily thrives on reaching consumers, promoting sales and increasing conversion. If that doesn’t happen, marketing failed its actual objective and becomes less important in the company. It’s irrelevant whether the company generates its sales mainly from digital or analog business—a brand must reach end consumers.

So, the point is to shed more light on the end user and strategically approach them in a contemporary take. You need to look at existing information and essential channels with a critical-constructive eye. Agility must be promoted. Assumptions replaced by verified information. But before pursuing this together, we want to discuss the following terms:

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated, data-based procuring and selling of ad space. The individual user with their profile forms the predominant decision-making basis for an ad booking. Programmatic advertising can, properly applied, also lead to considerable cost savings and an increased effectiveness of your marketing activities. Using customer data makes real-time steering and optimization possible—for a customized approach to your audience.

Is digital marketing relevant for me?

Digital marketing activities are relevant for you if you want to keep your marketing activities up to date and approach your audience in the best possible way—without accepting measurable divergence losses. Digital advertisements, mainly programmatic advertising, gives you better control over the success of your employed activities and lets you serve them in a highly automated and customized manner.

How did you find your name, “Echte Liebe”?

In our many years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen too many half-baked projects where the customer and promoting in their interest were not the main focus. Mark and Siamac, our founders, wanted to look after their customers with more passion and achieve substantial results to contribute real value to a company’s success. So “Echte Liebe” was born—with its mantra of “simply better marketing.”

What’s the best way to start with digital marketing?

In digital marketing, and in programmatic advertising, the best way to start is with a consultation and a comprehensive audit. This is an ideal opportunity to define your own goals and requests. This is followed by strategic advice and the collaborative development of a strategy, together with a partner your trust.

What do you mean by display advertising?

Display advertising is another word for classic online advertisements, or, more specifically, it is graphically designed ad space on the Internet, such as banners, buttons, or promotional text and picture content. Just as in open advertising, ad space is booked on a website to serve the requested marketing material.

Which channels do you offer in addition to the display channel?

Apart from the display advertising channel, we also offer many other possibilities to successfully reach audiences with digital marketing activities:

  • video
  • native ads
  • DooH (digital out of home)
  • radio/audio
  • advanced TV

Apart from the listed marketing options, we also offer additional advertising channels such as social media.

What do you mean by “data-driven?”

Basically, we are all “data-driven.” All our decisions are based on previously captured information—data. In marketing, we see this principle in a similar way. All marketing decisions are based on data and their explicit analysis. We differentiate between two areas: primary and secondary data. Primary data are, for example, results from a survey or login data. Secondary data may be the tracking of online interactions, web browsing behavior, or online search behavior.

What is your expertise in data intelligence?

Our data analysts can look back on many years of experience in strategic marketing and highly complex data analytics. Data are used as a driver to optimize all the steps along the process and value creation chain of all the digital marketing activities. We collect data in a targeted and systematic way. We inspect them in the context of a comprehensive customer journey analysis, which goes beyond the standard.

All the processes and campaigns are also implemented based on data and optimized on a level that is significantly higher than that of the rest of the market. We not only use the inspection of CPM and click basis but also that of downstream KPIs.

Why are independence and visibility so important?

Independence allows us to act freely in our customer’s interest and needs, without being bound to certain commitments. Visibility, in turn, builds trust with our customer and helps them to easily understand what we do for them and how much it will cost. All the processes—from communication to implementation—remain comprehensive to the customer.

How can you interlink Echte Liebe’s services?

We are a 360° full-service agency offering partial services as well as interconnected, overarching campaigns. We have always advocated holistic strategies. Meanwhile we cover most of the all online marketing activities and can take them to the next level thanks to our internal interlinking.

What is a trading desk?

A trading desk combines technology and processes to optimize marketing budgets, substantially simplifying media buying for advertisers, agencies, and publishers. A trading desk also brings together tools such as DSP, Adserver, and DMP. Its job is to optimize ad divergence based on CPM, CPC, CPO, and other measured values to ensure brand safety.

Trading desks are used in data-driven, user-centric marketing. Data are evaluated for targeting and acquired during a campaign or from external partners.

Here, visibility is also important to us. We are happy for our customers to look over our shoulder to learn.

What is the difference between you and a simple trading desk?

A trading desk uses tools such as DSP and DMP to implement planned media campaigns. We, on the other hand, offer our customers holistic concepts: From strategic advice and operationalization to operational implementation of holistic marketing activities going beyond mere media buying. We also develop individual data segments of higher quality and accuracy.

What makes Echte Liebe stand out from other agencies?

We don’t use meaningless marketing phrases. We perform. Our success is verified by our customers’ success. We are driven by offering the best to each and every customer. Cross-departmental communication and interlinking with existing resources are a must for our holistic concepts and long-term success. We are committed to covering all the online marketing activities, their internal and external interconnection, honesty, visibility, and efficiency.

How is media buying done at Echte Liebe?

Essentially, media buying is the buying of ad space. Echte Liebe has automated the entire buying process across all advertising channels almost fully. Depending on the campaign objective, inefficient advertising channels are identified and budgets reallocated to customize the campaign strategy.

What is programmatic creativity?

Programmatic creativity means that marketing materials are served in a customized and dynamically optimized way. So it is an inspection of the campaign conception and its programmatic media buying; a joint, inclusive part of our workflow. Together with the customer, we devise the right data pool, develop effective marketing materials and, in the buying process, optimize the campaign on the fly for highly customized promotional messages.

Do you also offer workshops, and what are they about?

Yes, we offer professional workshops at one of our locations in Cologne, Berlin and Wiesbaden. From introducing and consolidating programmatic advertising and data intelligence to audit workshops and strategy workshops, we can cover a wide variety of topics. We’ll scrutinize your digital marketing—in parts but also as a whole.